If you like my painting/modelling work and want me to do some work for you this page explains the basic process!

Projects I accept:

I only take on single models or small units of miniatures that are different in appearance. This is because this is the work that I am best at and that I have time for. Ultimately projects I enjoy result in better paint work and happier customers. If you want batch army stuff done then you are better off going through someone else.

Quality standards:

I work on a time basis rather than a quality level. This is fairer in my experience as it ensures that you get what you pay for. I charge $20 Aud per hour of my work (regardless of if I am painting, assembling, sculpting etc).

Naturally there are many factors that impact the time it takes for me to paint a miniature including the colour scheme, advanced painting like freehand or tricky conversion and sculpting work. For a nice paint job on a single miniature 4 hours is generally the minimum I can take to get a nice finish on a simple miniature.

Examples of my work:
The commission process:
  1. We talk about your project and come to an understanding about specifically what you want done. You also say what amount of time you want devoted to your project (this is flexible).
  2. If I have no current commissions you send me (or I purchase) the models. If I need to purchase the models then you pay the cost of them upfront.
  3. If I am currently working on a project then you can jump on the waiting list and I’ll give you a general timeframe. If not once I have all the necessary models I will launch in to your project, providing weekly pictures and updates with how much time has been spent and were things are at.
  4. When the amount of hours of work decided on has been completed I will send you finished pictures. If you want more work done on the project you can get me to do some more hours and make any changes you want within reason.
  5. Once the model has been completed you pay for the project including postage if required and I get the model to you either through the mail or in person if you’re nearby.


Current Project:
Warmachine Kickstarter edition Elara WIP
Completed Projects:
Waiting List:

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