How to paint: Secret Weapon Tau Ceti Bases

The Guys over at Secret Weapon Miniatures were kind enough to send me a bunch of their Tau Ceti bases a few months ago. Some of these have already been put to good use however I had a few lonely ones left… I thought it would be an injustice to see such cool bases just sitting in my base box for the next few years so I have forced myself to paint them up and make a tutorial on how to do it! Hope you guys all enjoy! 🙂


wat 1 (1)

I began by base coating the bases with Boring Green by Minitaire (good job Badger marketing team…) and I used my trusty Patriot 105 to apply it… This resulted in me getting a nice even coat of green in just a few seconds.

I then grabbed out a light grey (in this case Dusty Ground) and mixed that with the base coat and applied it through the airbrush as a highlight. This creates a very desaturated and light colour which is ideal for paint chipping and weathering effects.

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